Then and Now: Owl’s Home

Originally posted 1/8/2010
Update: the Owls relocated and the old home was razed May 2012

As an homage to the First Avenue area, we’re highlighting 407 N First Ave. The house was built in the late 19th century as a residence for Ed Boetticher of Boetticher Kellogg & Co.

In 1924, the Owls moved from next to the jail and the house at the northeast corner of First and Michigan became their lodge. Several additions and the removal of the tower really take away from the grandeur of the home but the lintels around the window hint of what once was.

As a side note, his partner Charles Kellogg lived in another mansion that lost its tower at 1113 Parrett St, now being reused as part of Kirby’s catering.

(407 N First Ave) on

Boetticher Residence c1895
Boetticher Residence c1895
New Owls' Home circa 1923
New Owls’ Home circa 1923
Owl's Home - now razed
Owl’s Home as it looks now