Welcome to Kasson

Orginally posted 4/16/2010

Sign  greeting travelers to the old town of Kasson along New Harmony Rd
Sign greeting travelers to the old town of Kasson along New Harmony Rd

Kasson was a town located at the intersection of Big Cynthiana Rd and New Harmony Rd in German Township.  Older maps first show the town around 1850s and indicate it was also called Germantown. By the late 1800s, it had an ice house, a wagon and blacksmith shop, a saloon and a post office. The Five-Mile House, now razed, was located across from the Old Mill and provided lodging for those heading to and from Evansville on the first/last 5-mile leg of the trip (the exact distance to the Courthouse).

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In 1879 Dr Edwin Walker, founder of what was eventually Welborn Hospital, helped procure a physician for the tiny community. Dr Carl Moutoux came from Louisville, Ky and built an elegant home in town. He also erected a mill to supplement his income. The Nunn Better Milling Co produced livestock feed and bird seed in addition to flour and corn meal.

Kasson School was built c1920 as German Township School No 8. After the township schoolhouses consolidated, the school served the surrounding area until Cynthia Heights was built. It was later apartments and a bridal shop.

When IN-66 was expanded, the four-lane highway bypassed New Harmony Rd, paralleling to the north.  The new route bisected Big Cynthiana Rd splitting the old road through Kasson (it also bisected Allens Ln). A new route, Resurrection Dr, connected the roads next to Resurrection Catholic Church, built there in the 1950s. The old segment is now called Old Cynthiana Rd with both sections dead ending.